Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Sights along the route

The trees were not at their peak of colour on this journey, but we saw lots of other interesting things to make us stop along the way to take a few pictures.
Once again we stopped in Brudenelle to check on the progress of these old buildings.  The last time we were in the area this old hotel was empty, and there was a for sale sign out front.  Now it looks like someone is living there.  I sure would love to see inside the old place.  If only the walls could talk.
Next door to the hotel stands the old general store.  I am sure it was a hive of activity in days gone by.

Big and little churches dotted the landscape all along the back road route we took to the farm, and we stopped to take pictures of a few.

The big churches in the middle of town are OK, but I prefer the looks of these little ones nestled in the woods.

Mid afternoon we stopped in Bancroft for a late picnic lunch.  Next stop was the grocery store for supplies, then on to the last leg of our journey to Riverwood.

Welcome Lane at the farm sure was a welcome sight at the end our a long day on the road.

After we unpacked the car we sauntered down to the Playner Mill to check things out there.  Lots of decorations were still there from the Dragon Ball, and they made the place look really festive. 

We then wandered around the grounds taking pictures before night fell.  
One more picture then it was back to the cozy farmhouse to settle in for the evening.

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