Monday, October 12, 2015

On our way...

We are home from our Autumn get-away to Riverwood, and after the unpacking, catching up on laundry, and tending to the garden, it is time to sort through some pictures and record a few things here.

We decided to pack a picnic lunch and take the back-roads up to the farm, so we were prepared for a long trip with lots side-trips down new roads, with numerous stops to take pictures  along the way.

The first stop was only and hour from home at the Tatlock Quarry.  AC wanted to find the look-out spot mentioned in our tour there a few weeks ago.  We both wandered around with our cameras but we got better pictures on the tour.  The fence needed a few openings big enough to fit a camera lens through.
While AC went in search of a small opening in the fence that might afford a clear picture, I went in search of other things.
I was happy to discover these piles of sample marble pieces placed there for us.   The guide mention them when we were on the tour, and said we could help ourselves, so I did.  I found an old bag in the car, and filled it up with the small pieces suitable for making Inukshuks with the kids.
AC did get this clear picture before we dusted the white dust off our shoes, climbed back into the car, and continued on our journey.

The ribbon of highway stretched out in front of us and we were game for the adventure.  We didn't see much colour along this leg of the route, but it was still pretty.

The next stop along the way was Newfoundout Road.
Hmmm, what would we find at the end of this one?
An old abandoned settlement.
We stopped to take pictures, and were soon on our way again. 

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