Friday, November 01, 2013

Halloween fun - 2013

I know AC has posted lots of pics of the goings on last night, but thought I would add more for Grandmama in Montreal.  Enjoy!
They have the posing down pat.

Mommy got in on the act too.
Snuggles with Buppa

It was a windy rainy night, but not cold.  The pumpkins were on the porch so the kids joined them for a pic before setting off Trick-or-treating.
Ready to fight the bad guys.
Ready to dance at the palace ball.
Daddy doesn't look happy in these pics, but I think it was because he got home late and didn't have any supper

Someone very happy to have make-up on.  A princess indeed.

It was fun to share the excitement with the kids, but I had some physio on my neck and back that day, and was one tired granny at the end of the evening.  Physio helps, but it hurts before the helping part kicks in.

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Regenia said...

Please read my comment about your grandchildren and their Halloweem on AC's post. Hoping the helping part of physical therapy kicks in soon!