Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Snack time at Tim's

The kids had their own Tim cards, so we told them they could order whatever they liked. They each ordered a doughnut, a fruit smoothie, and a small box of Timbits for later. 
JJ always goes for coloured sprinkles on his doughnuts, but Dani likes plain old chocolate dip. 

It was very busy at Tim's that day, and we had trouble finding four chairs together, so I settled the kids at a small table in the corner...
...and AC and I sat on a ledge outside the door, so we could keep an eye on the kids.  It made for an interesting picture don't you think?  We look like ghosts hovering over the table.
Soon a table became available, so we all moved inside to it, and enjoyed some time together.
Lots of snuggles for Amma and Buppa ...

...and each other.

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