Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Craft time on PD day

Yes, the kids were here all day on Friday because it was a PD day for the teachers.  I have learned that the wisest thing for me to do when both kids are here all day, is to keep them busy.  Plan ahead, plan ahead, plan ahead - that's my motto.  Lots of craft materials are kept close at hand, and little fingers love to draw. cut, past and create.
Buppa keeps a close eye on things while I grab the camera.  We are both kept busy helping with tape, stickers, scissors, glue, and anything else that gives little fingers a bit of a fight.
Danica enjoyed making new decorations out of old Christmas cards.
They had lots to take home to decorate their bedrooms. 
It was almost snack time by the time we finished our craft, so we cleaned everything up and headed out the door to Tim's for a special treat.

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