Monday, November 04, 2013

JJ's turn for a sleepover

Big sister came one week for a sleepover, so JJ had his turn the next week.
He got to be our first passenger in the new car.  I think he was pretty pleased about that.

He got to choose anything her wanted for dinner, and he chose hot dogs and chips.  Yuck!  I tried to talk him out of that, but that's what he wanted, so that's what he got. 
I saw this neat idea on FB to make hot-dog/spaghetti spiders.  Above you see my attempt.  They don't look like spiders at all.  Sigh!  JJ thought they were neat though, so they were a hit. 
Buppa doesn't mind hot dogs either, so he joined JJ in the treat.  I have to be pretty close to starving to have a hot dog, so I opted for a cheese and lettuce sandwich instead.  We all chowed down on chips though..  

After dinner and a movie, he settled down happily in the guest room, and was soon asleep.

Next morning he helped Buppa make breakfast. 
After breakfast he had some TV time.  The boy does like to watch Power Rangers.  He doesn't sit quietly on the couch and just watch the show though.  He is up and helping the Power Rangers fight the bad guys.
The sword was his sleep- over treat, and he put it to good use I must say.  Those bad buys didn't stand a chance.
Saluting his buddies on the TV.
Enough TV, time for a rousing game of snakes and ladders.
Almost as much fun as watching Power Rangers. 

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Regenia said...

You gotta love a guy with a sword fighting for good! Don Quijote wiuld be pleased to know JJ is carrying on the battle.