Saturday, November 09, 2013

More Halloween

I was sorting through my file pictures this morning and found these leftover Halloween pics that Grandmama might like.  So here they are.  The kids came home from school that day in their Halloween t-shirts, so we had to get a pictures of them with the pumpkin.
Cute little pumpkins huh?

After the photo shoot they chowed down on these after-school snacks.   They thought it was great fun to eat lips and teeth.
We also gave them a quick and easy dinner that night, so they would be ready early to get into their costumes and head out the door.

Someone was more than pleased to be wearing make-up! 


Regenia said...

If, by some strange twist of fate, you have not yet been nominated for grandma of the year, the lips and teeth should secure not only your nomination, but your win as well, don't you think?

Cuppa said...

Aw thanks Regenia. It sure is fun having this time with the kids and that makes me a winner already. The grand prize...treasured memories for all of,win,win!