Monday, July 01, 2013

Preparing for Canada Day

Happy Canada Day All

We gathered at the kid's place last night for a campfire and toasted marshmallows.  
Danica helped daddy stack the wood and prepare the fire.
Mommy got big hugs and Happy Canada Day smiles
All the kids looking forward to the toasted treats.
As the evening wore on, it got colder and colder so JJ had to grab a jacket
Danica was sitting close to the fire, and the heat was bothering her forehead, so she asked me to fashion a hat for her to wear.  I did my best, and think it looks really cute.
The fire is finally ready...let the toasting begin.
All snuggled down to watch the fire.
It was a fun evening.  Today it will be a family BBQ, then a visit to the local park for the fireworks display.

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