Friday, July 05, 2013

Ice Cream treat.

It was hotter than blazes here today, so after swim class we took the kids to the ice cream shoppe for a treat.
The ice cream cone sure is drippy...
...but I have things under control now.
JJ did a pretty good job of catching the drips
I think his sticky fingers helped him get a good grip on this pole.
Danica joined in the fun too.


Regenia said...

Such fun! It is so wonderful that your grandchildren live so close by that you can enjoy watching them grow up. I think it is so touching that you take the pictures for the other grandmother. Kindness really isn't too difficult, is it? As you said, you just thought about what you would appreciate if the roles were reversed. Anyway, my husband and I were touched by it.

Cuppa said...

Regenia - Yes, we grandparents have to stick together and help each other don't we? Our out-of-town Grandmaman looks forward to these pictures every morning so she can have a visit with the munchkins while she sips her morning coffee.

When the parents are up to their ears with parenting, they often don't think to take everyday pictures. We grandparents know how fast the time passes by so we try to capture every day in some small way if we can. I love going back and looking at the old pictures, and so do the kids. They were just looking at videos of themselves at swimming class last year, and having quite a chuckle over what they were doing "way-back-when".
Total fun, but a tad exhausting trying to keep up with these two.

Bernie said...

Love how you and John are always making memories with Danica and JJ and to keep a record of them is such a bonus. I'm sure how you make them feel will always be remembered.....big hugs, xo