Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lemonade Stand

It has been blazing hot here this week, and we have been trying to keep cool by taking the kids to swimming lessons in the mornings, then spending time in the neighbour's pool in the afternoons.  Danica got a bee in her bonnet about having a Lemonade stand and selling lemonade to raise money for the local Food Bank. 

We tried to persuade her to wait for a cooler day to set up her stand, but she was determined to do it this week, and was so enthusiastic about it , we let her go for it.  She made these signs before breakfast on Monday morning, then we found some glasses, purchased some lemonade and prepared for her big business venture.
The top sign was her practise one. 

Here she is happily working on the sign.
Very proud to display it.
All set up in the blazing sunshine, awaiting her first customer.
We were very surprised when this policeman stopped by to purchase a glass of the lemon treat.
Danica was thrilled to make her first sale.
Things slowed down for a while, so she had time to read a story or two before her next customers arrived.

Buppa sat on the porch keeping a close eye on the little cutie.

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