Monday, July 08, 2013

Injury at the water park

The temperatures soared one afternoon, so we set off for the water park to cool down.
The kids took up their posts at the water guns, but soon moved on to other interests.  Danica wanted to swim in the river and JJ wanted to play on the equipment and make mud pies.
Buppa took Dani over to the swimming area, and I stayed near the splash pads with JJ.  When Dani and Buppa returned to our area I saw that Dani was hobbling.  Poor kid cut her toe on a sharp rock, and had to spend some time at the life guard station getting tended to.  That put an end to her water play for that day, as she had quite a deep cut on the bottom of her foot.
She was not at all happy about having to stay out of the water.  But made the best of it after she had a little snack.

Going for a swing seemed to be the perfect thing to do. 
So the afternoon wasn't a complete loss. 

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