Sunday, July 14, 2013

Donation taken to the Food Bank

I know I said I wouldn't be back here for two weeks, but I just had to update you on our trip to the Food Bank with Danica's donation from her Lemonade Stand.

When we walked in, ladies were stocking shelves and doing other necessary activities.  When Danica gave them her donation and a copy of the blog I posted about her Lemonade Stand, they all gathered round the table to look at the pictures.

The lady in the black and white top seemed to be the office manager, and she was very nice to Danica.  Looking right at her, and speaking directly to her, not us.   I am sure it made Danica feel very special.
The lady then took Danica into the office to get her information so she could send her an official thank-you note.
Time to pose for a picture.
The lady then took Danica to the front door and re-arranged the bulletin board to make room for Danica's picture, and the story about her Lemonade Stand.
It was a very proud moment for Danica, and little brother got in on the celebration too.

Thank you staff at the Food Bank for making this a very special event in Danica's life. 

OK, now I think I really am done with blogging for two weeks.  See you at the end of our holiday.


Lorna said...

What a good start to a philanthropic life!

Anvilcloud said...

Gotta love that girl.

Regenia said...

What an absolutely touching and wonderful thing for your little sweetheart to do! And what a thrill it must have been to get to help her with her stand and then go with her to the Food Bank. They are both looking so much more grown up it seems, even compared to several months ago.