Sunday, June 30, 2013

After the Heron

After we spotted the Heron, and stopped to take some pics, we continued on our drive to the walking path through the woods.  This is a delightful path that winds through the woods, along the river's edge, out into open fields, back into the woods, and along a wooden walkway through a swampy area. 

There are lots of things to see along this path, and we have our cameras at the ready.
Sometimes AC wanders off the path to take pictures, but I stay away from these buggy areas.
Soon AC is back on the path again and we are on our way.
I find I can get a lot of fab pics even when I stay on the path.  This is a fav taken of the water on the ground in the swampy area.

Neat huh?
Hmm, am I looking up or down? 

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