Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Graduate

Yes, folks, they now have graduation ceremonies for munchkins passing from kindergarten to grade 1, and our little munchkins was one of the graduates.  
She looks pleased as punch doesn't she?
The ceremony took place after lunch one day last week, and when Danica came over to our house in the morning, we weren't sure she would make the ceremony.  She had three bites on her face, her one eye was very swollen, and she had huge hives all over her arms and legs.  Poor kid was having a major reaction to some bug bites.  She was in a good mood, and said the hives weren't itchy, so we sent her off to school, and called the office with instructions to call us if she got worse during the morning and we would go to the school and bring her home.

I went up to the school mid-morning to see how she was doing, give her a dose of Benadryl, and slather cream on her hives.  She was still in  a good mood, and said she felt fine, so we left her at school for the rest of the morning and hoped she would be fine for the ceremony after lunch.  
 Because she is such an exceptional reader for her age, she was asked to do a reading at the ceremony.  Thankfully, the swelling in her eye had gone down quite a lot by "show-time", and she was able to see to read just fine. 
She spoke clearly into the mike...
...and her teacher helped by turning the page for her.

Then it was time to sing enthusiastically with her class.

And she did just that.

The sound man had trouble starting the music, and Danica thought that was a real hoot.  She sure has a hearty chuckle.

Receiving her diploma

The Graduate!

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