Monday, June 10, 2013

Dani's Dance Recital - Send in the Clowns

This was the exhausting weekend of Danica's dance recital, and a grand, but rather tiring time for grandmas and moms, was had by all.   Thank goodness the worst of my cold had passed, and I was able to climb up and down the kazillion stairs between the change room and the concert hall, a million times, without too much difficulty.   I was on duty to help with costume changes on the Friday night, and Mommy was on duty for the task Saturday night. 

Danica was in two numbers this year, so it meant lots of extra work to get her ready for each appearance.  The lollipop-tap outfit wasn't too hard to manage, but the clown-highland outfit required expertise with the shoes (it is no easy feat to tie highland shoes let me tell you), and getting that clown hat straight and secure on her head was another challenge.  Thankfully one of the mothers in the change room helped me with both tasks.  Whew!  Thanks Rachael!
Here she is all ready for her first number.  Now if we can just keep everything in place for the next half hour until she is ready to go on stage.  She was so excited she never stopped bouncing and I was afraid she would be a disheveled mess by the time she got on stage. 
I asked her to strike a pose or two for me, and she was in her element.
Cute little highland clown

She did stop jumping and bouncing for a few minutes to sit down and colour a picture...
But that only lasted for about two minutes...
...and she was ready to pose for more pictures.
Best friends!
Is this what clowns do?

Or perhaps this is a better clown pose.
Whatever, they were all cute clowns, and I managed to get her into her outfit and ready for the dance.  Now it was time for me to head upstairs and find my seat in the auditorium to view her performance.  More pics to come....stay tuned.

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