Friday, June 21, 2013

Last Week of Babysitting JJ

 Well, we finished up our full-time daycare gig with JJ this week.  Yes, he is going to school full-time in  September, and we are taking a short break before Amma and Buppa's Summer Camp begins, so this was our last week with just JJ during the day.  Bittersweet week I must say. 
The sun was shining on Tuesday, so we packed up picnic gear and set off for the local park.  JJ set up his chair close to the water and munched his sandwich and chips with great delight,

After lunch he went fishing with his net, and caught a crab.  He had to bring it over for me to take a closer look

He put the crab back in the water, and went in search of other treasures.

Wow, a feather!

It was too cold to go in the water, but great fun was had on the equipment on the beach.

What a great spot for kids and adults.

JJ still needs help with these bars, and Buppa was happy to oblige.

That's better.  Easier on Buppa anyway.

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