Thursday, July 04, 2013

JJ's last day at daycare

JJ was waiting patiently for us to pick him up at daycare on Friday. Seeing as this was his last day, we took a couple of pictures for the memory book.
Here he is with some of his classmates.

Just about to gather up his belongs from his cubby.

Posing for a picture in front of the playgrounds

Heading out the door with Buppa.


Regenia said...

I love the macho, manly pose in front of the playground, not to mention the symbolism of his "exiting" picture. He is walking out with confidence, isn't he? No surprise. He is one of the particularly fortunate ones whose formative years have been lived supported and loved by family.

Bernie said...

I had a tear in my eye knowing this is an end of an era for JJ actually for everyone, such a cute little boy who have the best grandparents in the world, xo

Cuppa said...

Regenia - I didn't see the confidence in his stride at first, but I do now. We have all been blessed to share this time together even if I did wonder if I would survive some days.

Bernie - I had a tear in my eye too. Zoom, zoom, zoom, and JJ is moving on out of day care. Hardly seems possible that he won't be with us when his sister goes to school in September. They will both get on the school bus and it is bitter-sweet for me. I need the rest, but will miss the time with him. He is such a cute imaginative little guy.