Friday, June 28, 2013

Lambs Down - Part 3

What is a carnival without a chance to get your face painted?  I think this was the highlight of the day for the kids.  There were two booths set up for the big event.  One cost $3 and the other $10.  There was a huge line-up at the $3 booth, and both kids were promised a face-painting so mom and dad lined up at the booth.  Buppa and I wandered down the line of concessions and noticed another booth with no line-up, but the full face deal cost $10.  Hmmmm...what to do?   We sent mom down to take a look and decided that the $10 face painting was worth the extra $$$ seeing as it was very hot, and there was no line at the second booth.
By the time we got there though, we were 3rd in line.  Sigh!  This lady was talented though, and worth waiting for. 
JJ wanted to be Batman...
...and scared the bad guys away with this ferocious look,.
Danica wanted to be a tiger, and sat quietly while the artist created a special tiger look for her.
JJ sat forlornly waiting for sister to be done. 
All done and ready to growl for the camera.
Fierce pair huh?  I love the curved fingers on the tiger, and the battle ready Batman.
If I was a bad guy, I would sure run from these two.


Regenia said...

I have visited your husband's blog, but never realized you had one. In one of his blogs with pictures of your grandchildren he mentioned there were probably more photographs on "Sue's blog".

My time has been so compressed the last few months that I have had no time to read and comment. But what fun your pictures are! You truly do have beautiful grandchildren. I've enjoyed seeing them in their everyday activities, as well as the special times. One of the pictures you took of Danica in her Lollipop costume and appropriate pose was just too precious and perfect.

I took a minute to read your profile. I have never found another person who likes to collect quotes! And I very much like watercolors, not to mention the fact that I feel addicted to reading. I have to have at least 5 minutes a day.

It is nice to "meet" you.

Cuppa said...

Regenia - Thanks for stopping by for a visit. I know what you mean about things being too busy to visit other blogs to read and comment.

Since we started this babysitting gig, my blog reverted to a site to mainly post pictures for Grandmaman, who lives out of town. I try to do that every day for her, so she can have a visit with the munchkins via my blog every day. If I was the out-of-town grandma I would want someone to do that for me, so I do it for her.

I am always glad when someone else joins us for the fun though, and stops by for regular visits.

I tried to link back to your blog through this comment, but couldn't connect. Hope you find this note here, and stop by for tea again real soon.