Monday, March 14, 2011

Timely learning

Smudge is really interested in clocks these days. Numerous times throughout the day she asks me what time it is, and then studies the digital clocks around the house, and repeats the numbers to me. She also wants to see my non-digital watch and tries to make sense of it.

I often set the timer on the stove to let her know when her TV or computer time is up, or how long it will be til snack time. She is fascinated with the numbers counting down and comes back frequently to look at the timer and read the numbers out loud.

In the pic below we see her playing with a wooden clock toy. It has removable numbers, and movable minute and hour hands.
When we set the timer for snack or TV time, she wants to set the hands of this wooden clock too, and then we come back and check it when the timer goes off. I don't know if she is grasping it or not, but we talk about 9 zero zero on the digital clock being the same as the hour hand pointing to the 12 and the minute hand pointing to the 9 on her wooden clock.
She never seems to tire of going over and over and over the same explanations. Her little mind is an amazing sponge and she is learning so much in such a short time. I stand amazed!


Bernie said...

This is such an amazing age for you all to enjoy, she is such a sweetie and Jboy is precious. They grow so fast don't they....:-)Hugs

Cuppa said...

Bernie - faster than lightening!