Friday, March 04, 2011

Masked Marvels

These kids sure make life interesting. The other day they emptied the drawer with the placemats in it, and walked around with these two slatted wooden mats over their faces. I found some elastic and tied the mats at the back of their heads, and they thought it was pretty cool to walk around like this because they could still see where they were going.
I thought we should put faces on them, so we found some old Christmas stickers that worked just fine for this purpose..
Once that was done, Smudge wanted hair, so we found some ribbon and voila - the perfect hair-do was achieved.

Let the adventure continue.


Bernie said...

These kids crack me up, no wonder you enjoy them. Have a great weekend cuppa, xo

Lorna said...

best one yet. Do they have mini reading lamps on the top of the masks?

Cuppa said...

Bernie - They do keep a smile on our faces. Hope you have a great weekend too. We are being rained on, but it should take a lot of this snow and ice away, so that is a good thing.
I have a good book to curl up with this afternoon, so let it pour, I don't care.

Lorna - looks like it doesn't it? That would be so cool!
No, they are hair clips to keep their curly tresses firmly attached.