Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Impy Doodles

After a diaper change the other day JJ led me on a merry chase when I tried to get his pants and shoes back on him. He thought it was great fun to run out to the living room to try to escape from me out there.
He climbed up on the chair and every time I asked him to give me his foot, this is what he did - the Impy Doodle. He looked so cute peeking at me through his legs I just had to run for the camera.
Meanwhile his sister was being an Impy Doodle too.
They do keep me hopping these two do.


Lorna said...

Those pink crocs just kill me.

Bernie said...

I wouldn't need to go to Weight Watchers once a week if I had these two. They are so cute cuppa, no wonder you keep your camera close by.......:-)Hugs

Cuppa said...

Lorna - I know. They are so clunky she almost trips over them when she is doing her ballerina moves. I must try to get her a little pair of ballerina slippers to do her dancing in.

Bernie - They do keep me hopping that's for sure. Puff, pant, gasp!