Friday, March 11, 2011


The other day when I headed over to the kid's place I took my snowpants with me. I thought all three of us might go outside during the morning tour of duty, and make a snowman. When I told Smudge my plans to go out and play with them she turned to me and said...
"That's a great idea Amma. I'm so proud of you." She does make me smile.

So, we got all dressed up in our winter duds and headed outside. How disappointing for me that the snow was light and fluffy and not the best kind for making a snowman. It would NOT stick together at all. We worked away at our task for awhile, but finally gave up any hope of making a snowman, and made a snowlump instead. The kids thought it was a fabulous snowlump, added a bit of grass for hair, a hunk or two of snow for arms, and we called it a success.
After we finished with the snowlump, we made snow angels...

Then headed inside to warm up. It was a fun time in the snow and we made a pretty darn good snowlump even if I do say so myself.


Bernie said...

She is priceless isn't she, I love how kids will express themselves in what ever way they are thinking.
Looks like a fun day, and yes it is a lovely snowlump.
I am so tired of snow, it was in the minus thirties yesterday and we got 10 cms of has warmed up today to -18 and cloudy.
woo hoo!
Have a great weekend....:-)Hugs

MARY G said...

That's a fab picture of the snow angel, too. And farther back, I love your sunset photo. I got one of the same sunset and was also much cheered by it.