Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Auntie Ally's Dress

When it was time to get the kids dressed yesterday morning I asked Smudge what she wanted to wear that day.
"A beautiful dress"
was her answer.

I went to the closet and started to hunt around for just that, and found this dress tucked away at the back of her closet. It is a dress that Smudge's Great Grandmother, Mary, made for her youngest Granddaughter - Smudge's Auntie Ally. Oh the memories that came flooding back when I put the dress on Smudge yesterday.
Smudge loved it, and danced around looking like a princess all day in Auntie Ally's dress.
I loved watching her, and enjoyed the memories of watching another little girl dance and twirl in the same dress many years ago.

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