Friday, March 25, 2011

A new look

One little hair band makes a difference doesn't it? Smudge looks like such a big girl with her new do.
Sure helps one concentrate when hair isn't getting in your eyes.
Oh, and on another positive note...look who's curls are growing back. Oh joy!


Bernie said...

Smudge has her big girl now look on and it is so cute, love Jboy's hair, both of your grands hair do's always look so cute....:-)Hugs

Lorna said...

The first time I saw Chris, he had one of those shaved up the back haircuts, and even though that was my least favourite look for kids, I fell in love with him anyway. Good hair is wonderful, not-so-good hair doesn't seem to matter.

Doris said...

Great pictures and a belated happy birthday!