Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Day in the Life

First of all, I have to help Grandpa eat his breakfast. Mmmm, good toast Grandpa.

Then it is time to help Grandpa with the vacuuming.

Whew, that was hard work. I need a little rest and maybe a good book to read.

This is a great story isn't it Bunny?

OK, I'm all rested up now, time to help Grandma with the housework.
Goodness, a baby's work is never done.


Jules said...

Looks like she was helping make a grocery list with all those flyers :)

Cuppa said...

R&N's mommy - yes she was. She ripped out all the good things she wanted and left the little bits for my list all over the floor for me to find. What a big helper she is!