Monday, May 26, 2014

Fun with my new iPod

I was totally spoiled, and got a new iPod Touch for M'sD, and I am having a blast playing with the camera in the snazzy little device.  It is smaller and much easier to use than my little camera, and I can sync the pics with my iPad and laptop as easy as pie! 
Dani wanted a funky hair-do the other morning, and she came in wearing this pretty flower.  We pulled her hair back, added a little braid, and voila....a funky and fab hair-do.
She looked right at home in the tulip garden.
JJ likes to help Buppa in the garden.
Buppa is showing JJ where to cut the daffodils to dead-head them.
JJ learned quickly, and was able to dead-head the whole group for Buppa.
After the gardening is done, both the guys relax in the shade.


Lorna said...

those photos do look sharp, as does your family...

Regenia said...

Wow! What wonderful memories Danica and JJ will have.