Thursday, May 22, 2014

Mother's Day - part II

My goodness, in my last blog I said I would post more pics "tomorrow", and here it is a week later!  Sheesh, life got busy all of a sudden, and the computer gathered dust.    Here are the pics...better late than never right?

After breakfast the girls relaxed in the sunshine while the guys cleaned up the kitchen.
Lots of pics were taken...
...while the kids entertained us.  Here is JJ working on his soccer ball skills.
Time for some handstands against the shed...
...then over to the swings...
...then time for races.  I think the tongue helps JJ fly like the wind. 

JJ takes a rest while Dani runs a race.
She is really putting her all into the race.

Nearing the finish line.
Joy at the end of the race. 


Lorna said...

both these posts were charming, and I think you should look for a job with one of those commercials for 60-year-old-woman-discovers-kitcheny-trick to look 40!

Cuppa said...

Lorna - 40 you say? Thanks, you just made my day. It must be the sparkle dust! Slather it on....that's my motto.