Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day Celebrations

We gathered at the kid's place for a family brunch on Sunday, and a relaxin' time was enjoy by Sha and me.  The guys did all the cooking while the kids passed around smiles and snuggles, and the moms relaxed.  

The tooth fairy has been paying lots of visits to Danica lately.  Cute huh?
JJ likes to tease Amma.
AC made his famous My-hop pancakes, and they were yummy.
Better than Wheelers.
When I got home in the afternoon, a beautiful bouquet of flowers arrived at my door from the girls in Vancouver.    Pretty huh?
I also got a brand new iPodtouch from the family.  What a surprise.  I have been using an old hand-me-down iTouch that never worked properly for the last 5 years, and I must say it was frustrating to use at times. It would not connect with my computer,  so updating was a tear-your-hair-out problem.  I managed to download my favorite podcasts though, and used it mainly for that.  

What a treat to have a fancy/shmancy new iTouch that takes pictures, has room for my Audible books, music and lots of podcasts too.  Yahoo! 

More pics to come tomorrow of family fun-time in the sun.  Yes, the weather co-operated and sunshine graced our world for the whole day. 

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