Monday, October 21, 2013

More TG pics

I found these pics waiting in my file, and they are too cute not to be used, so here they are even if a bit late.

We went over to the kid's place for the TG feast, and it was such a nice day, the kids were outside playing while the turkey cooked.  We sat out in the sunshine with them, and watched while they biked.

Someone is very pleased with herself that she can now ride a two-wheeler.

Future race care driver?
New way to ride.
Time for an equipment check.
Soon it was time to go inside and start the gravy.
Danica wanted to help, and I was more than happy to oblige.
She stirred like a pro, while I rested my back.
I helped add the stock while she stirred and stirred.
MMMM, just about perfect.  I think it was the best tasting gravy ever. 
After dinner the kids had a bedtime story with Buppa. 
Wonderful day full of warm memories. 


Regenia said...

The "story" told by these pictures is touching. How wonderful to have those two sweethearts so close by.

Cuppa said...

Regenia - it is so nice that you stop by everyday to say hello. I have tried to link back to your blog but keep hitting a dead end.
Now that the kids are in school all day every day, I have more time to myself, and hope to visit a few more blogs from time to time. I will ask AC if he will link me up with you.