Thursday, October 17, 2013

Another side-trip on our holiday

As nice as the quiet-time is at Riverwood, we also enjoy a visit with family while we are in the area, so a side-trip to my brother and SIL's  place is put on the agenda if we can manage it.  They live on the edge of town, so it feels like we are in the country when at their house.  An absolutely beautiful spot.
We usually sit outside on the deck when we are there, but Mother Nature had decorated the area with wet colourful leaves that day, so we sat inside and enjoyed the view from the other side of the window.

The fabulous windows made it feel like we were outside though.  AC ventured out to take pics, but the rest of stayed warm and cozy inside.
My SIL has a flare for decorating, and I always enjoy her festive arrangements.  This one makes you want to smile doesn't it?
Pretty huh?
The dogs also play an important part in the decor.  They don't stay where they are put though, and like to share the couch  with my brother whenever they can.  All three look happy about the arrangement don't they?
Danica sent a box of Girl Guide cookies to Uncle Larry, and he generously shared them with us to munch on with our after dinner coffee. Yum!
...and good food is always plentiful when we visit.
When the guys thought it was time to check mail and other news...
...the dogs got a treat, and then the girls went shopping.
We stopped by another family member's house for a visit, and the dogs were thrilled to see Mary Anne.  She does love her furry friends, and they love her.
We then hopped in Mary Anne's spiffy new car, and went in search of some interesting shops.  Oh fun!
Thanks guys, it was a fun visit. 

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Regenia said...

That window does place you outside, doesn't it? Beautiful! Hope the shopping trip was a good one.