Friday, February 01, 2013

PD day with Danica

Schools were closed today so teachers could go on a PD day. That meant that we had Danica at our house ALL day.  She is a busy busy bee, and it is all we can do to keep up with her when she is here all day.  We have to tighten our running shoes and hit the ground running as soon as she walks through the door in the mornings.

She loves to do "school work" even when she isn't at school, so Buppa keeps lots of projects ready for her.  She was asking about the solar system last week, so this morning she was given work sheets about just that.
Buppa had a work sheet ready for her, and explained the names of the planets and the relative size of each.
Danica then set to colouring each planet.
I think Buppa and Danica enjoyed the lesson.
Later in the morning she watched a video of life on the Space Station
It  was almost half and hour long, but she sat enthralled through the whole thing.
Now she wants to be an astronaut and go into space...and she just might!

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Lorna said...

Start saving for that trip to Ground Control.