Wednesday, February 13, 2013

JJ's BD Party - Phase 3

Because the bowling party was held on the weekend before JJ's actual birthday, we had a small family celebration on the actual day.
The celebrations started off with a trip to Tim's for lunch.  Buppa and JJ do love lunch at Tim's
Then it was off to the $$Store for a treat.  JJ chose this pirate set.
At dinner time, we all went to the kid's place for JJ's favorite meal - chicken strips and fries.
Of course we had cake and ice cream too. 
We still had half a Batman cake to dig into.
After dinner JJ opened gifts from the family.
Everything old is new again.  Yes, Care Bears are making a come back, and JJ loves them. 
We gave him Harmony Care Bear, and these additions to his train set.  These cars are hand made by our neighbour, and a work of art. They are fun to play with now, but will be a treasure to keep for years to come. 
Super heroes are high on JJ's list these days, but he does love his Care Bear.
After all the festivities it was time to get ready for bed.  Buppa read the kids a story or two.  Danica got to choose one, then it was JJ's turn to pick a book. 
While Buppa was reading the bedtime story, Mommy and Daddy were busy putting JJ's gift from them together.
It was a Spiderman tent that goes over JJ's bed.  Care Bears and Spiderman, what could be better?

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