Monday, February 18, 2013

Jump for Joy

We were jumping for joy to be gifted with a mild day, so ice would melt, and we could get out for a walk.   What a treat to walk on bare!
JJ ran and splashed in every fabulously splashy puddle he could find.
He literally did jump for joy

On most walks he lags far behind checking out every leaf, stone and twig.  Not on this day though, he ran ahead of us for the whole walk, splashing in puddles with great enthusiasm.
Lots of times we had to call him to run back to us so he didn't get too far ahead.  He didn't mind giving each puddle a second thumping. 
We met neighbours out for a puddle walk to, and each one was greeted happily.


Lorna said...

You can take joy in almost anything! Good on ya.

Cuppa said...

Lorna - You gotta grasp it when you can, right? I would be even more joyful if we could get together for a visit. What does your calendar look like during March Break? We have Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday free. Let's try to make something work.