Monday, February 11, 2013

JJ's 4th BD Party - phase 1

Pictures have finally  been moved from camera to computer, so let me try to catch up on the party festivities from last week.  Better late than never huh?
Danica was very excited about the party at the Bowling lanes in town.
Here is the BD boy, but I don't think he knows quite what to make of it all.
Before the rest of the party arrives Daddy, gives both kids instructions on where to stand and how to throw the ball.
They each had their own style, and JJ even had quite a good score at the end of the day.
I on the other hand, didn't need help on where to stand, or how to hold the ball, I needed help on bending my knees and not falling over when I did.  What a hoot. 
Danica had no trouble bending the knees...
...and getting into the swing of how to move her arms in order to help the ball move over once you let it go.
Boys will be boys.
Danica took over the score keeping chores while Buppa had his turn in the lane.  Daddy kept a close eye on her though.
JJ got into the swing of things and had a blast.
It was a fun day, but Buppa and I discovered muscles we didn't know we had in our legs.  We both creaked and squeaked when we went up and down stairs for the next few days. 

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