Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Puddle walk

We are enjoying a day full of light fluffy snowfall today, so our streets don't look like this anymore, but last week, JJ and Buppa enjoyed a puddle walk on bare concrete. Total fun for the wee munchkin, and spirit lifting for the old folks, as there seemed to be a touch of spring in the air.

JJ jumped and splashed in every puddle he saw...
and stopped at the drains to check out where the water was going.
He picked up a tree branch to bring home to Amma, but Buppa convinced him it would be happier outside, so after a final check of the drain, he left the tree branch in a snow bank and came in for lunch.

I think he will enjoy helping Buppa shovel snow today, and more puddle walks will have to wait.

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