Tuesday, February 14, 2012

More weekend pictures

Smudge was more than thrilled to find this most unique toy at Auntie Heather's house. And she really enjoyed playing with it before we left for the shower. Can you tell what it is? Nope, it isn't a sand box. It's a dinosaur dig! It came complete with goggles, digging tools, and recovery tools, and it was full of dinosaur bones just waiting to be unearthed. At Christmas it started out as a big block of rock, but it has now been reduced to a few hunks of sand and rock. Smudge still had a blast chipping away at the block to see if she could find more bones. What a fabulous toy.

While the girls were away at the shower, Uncle Brian, was hard at work making dinner for us. Yum! He is looking great after the major surgery he had, and it was sooooo nice to see him and give him big big hugs.
While Brian slaved in the kitchen the rest of us relaxed before dinner, and checked ipads and playbooks for email.
Smudge snuggled up with Auntie Heather and played a stained glass puzzle game with her.
Then she had a go at it herself, but she needed to stretch and wiggled to get the pieces to fit.
Cousin Jinu came over after dinner, and they both played games on the ipad for a while before bed.
Thanks for the hospitality guys, we really enjoyed the visit. See you soon at Riverwood....I hope.

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