Monday, February 06, 2012

Another snow day...

...and the buses were cancelled. So, we faced another full day with both kids. Hmmm, what to do with them? We decided to bundled them up and take them out for breakfast. JJ was all bright-eyed, and bushy-tailed, yes his hair was doing funny things that day and I couldn't get it to behave. What a hoot.
Smudge was all smiles too and ready to chow down on a pancake breakfast at Busters.
What fun for all of us.
MMMM, coffee is good, now let's see what looks good on the menu.
Smudge has her own special way of reading the menu.
JJ gets in on the act too...
Buppa follows suit...
and Amma checks things out too.
After breakfast we went grocery shopping and that was a challenge with both kids, but we managed to get our groceries and keep our sanity all at the same time. Quiet the feat. After shopping we went home for ice cream. Why not? It was a snow day, and we were making memories.

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