Friday, February 10, 2012

He's off to rob the rich...

Yes, Robin Hood was on the job this morning, and looking very cute I must say. I heard him coming down the hall singing "Oodually, Oodally, golly what a day" and when I looked up he was shooting imaginary arrows into the air. He was doing his part, so I decided to do mine. I hunted up some paper to make him a hat and quiver, a stick and string to make him a bow and some straws to make him some arrows.
A few arrows took flight, but most got caught in his fingers and just fell to the ground.
He soon settled for imaginary arrows, and they worked much better.
He robbed the rich, played tricks on Prince John, and saved me, Maid Marion, from many dragon attacks during the morning. Don't know how dragons got into Sherwood Forest, but they did, and I was in danger. What a vivid imagination he has.

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Bernie said...

What a fun way to start the day, have a great weekend.....:-)Hugs