Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The ride home

I am getting ready for my bike ride home after a morning of babysitting, and both munchkins want to come out to the front of the house to say good-bye. I walk home during the winter months and it takes me 40-50 minutes depending on the weather. During the summer months I enjoy the bike ride and I am home in 15 minutes. That's so much nicer on a hot day.
On this day, Smudge wants a ride on Amma's bike. It is quite the feat to get her up on the seat...
and holding onto the handle bars.
She doesn't like it up there at all, and soon wants down.
What a hoot trying to get her off the bike...
while trying to hold the bike upright, and she is all arms and legs catching on everything.
Next it is JJ's turn. He is easier to get into the seat and seems quite comfy up there.
He is quite willing to go for a ride even though he can hardly reach the handle bars.
So we take a spin around in a wide circle on the road while sister watches.
Then it is time for both kids to get down, ring the bell a few more times...
before Amma waves goodbye...
and sets off for the ride home. The kids run along side me part way down the street...
waving and yelling the whole way.
They soon have to go back and stand with Buppa, but they wave and yell good-bye until I am out of sight when I go around the corner at the end of the street. They yell, and I wave over and over again. What a circus it must seem to the neighbours if they happen to be looking out their front doors.

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