Monday, August 22, 2011

Meeting Mommy at work for lunch

Smudge only has two more weeks before she is in school full time, so we thought we should make a special outing to Mommy's work, and meet her there for lunch before school starts.

Mommy was all smiles when we got to her office, and had big hugs ready for the kids.
The munchkins stood still long enough for a hug...
then wanted to explore Mommy's desk...
and play with the adding machine.
Soon it was time to head down to the dining room for lunch, and the munchkins were rather awed by the whole experience. They walked quietly, and held on tight to Mommy and Buppa's hands.
We found our reserved table in the dining room and got ourselves settled in.
Smudge looks really pleased doesn't she?
JJ was thrilled too.
We had sippy-cups with apple juice in them for the kids, but Smudge thought the water in the stemmed glass tasted much better. She didn't spill a drop.
We sorted out plates, spoons and glasses...
and then waited patiently for our food.
MMMMM, this is delicious soup, and we even get it served to us in beautiful china dishes, on linen table cloths. Wow!
After lunch it was time to help the receptionist at the front desk. Hmm, not much going on there.
We soon let the receptionist get back to work...
and took an elevator ride to the top floor, so the kids could dash down the hall and get rid of some energy before the ride home.
One last twirl at the end of the hall....
a peek out of the window...
and it was time to return to the main floor to say good bye to Mommy.
What a fun day, and what wonderful memories we made.


Bernie said...

Even I enjoyed seeing "mommy" at work having the opportunity to enjoy her family for lunch, xo

Cuppa said...

Bernie - Glad you enjoyed the visit too. It was a fun treat for all of us.