Sunday, August 07, 2011

After the sleepover...a big surprise

During our holiday, we had Smudge for a sleepover and a big suprise to follow the next day. She was so excited the next day when set off for the surprise...her first movie. Buppa has more pics here.

She had no idea where she was going even as we walked up to the theatre,
She did call out the numbers "24" as we walked across the parking lot though. "What's a 24?" she asked.
Once inside she looked around excitedly, and dropped her ticket. OOps, pick it up quickly!
First let's stop at the concession stand and get popcorn.
The chocolate bars looked good too, but we passed on those.
"What's inside this door?"
We found our seats...
got all settled in...
...and soon the movie began.
The adds at the beginning of the movie were VERY loud and it hurt Smudge's ears. She moved over to my lap and tried to snuggle into my shoulder to muffle the sound a bit, but then she couldn't see the screen, so we opted for this posture until things quieted down a bit.
Once Winnie-the-Pooh started the volume was turned down and she comfortably settled back in her seat with her bag of popcorn in hand. We didn't take any pics during the movie, but it was more interesting to watch her watching the movie, than it was to watch the movie.

After the movie ended and the theatre emptied, Smudge spent time exploring every nook and cranny in the room. Up...
and down the stairs she went...
over and over again. We didn't leave until the credits finished rolling, and the lights were turned up.
She was one tired Smudster on the way home.
Seeing as we were both up at 5am that day, I wished I could nap like this too. Sadly I had to wait until bedtime, but I was more than ready to drop into the hay early that night.

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Bernie said...

What a great "first" to capture on film cuppa, I took my little one to see The Smurfs the other night but I have had her to the movies before (she only likes the lights off when the movie comes on)I love seeing her movies through her eyes.