Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Big Event

Yes, every week the kids get very excited about a big event that happens on our street. Even before they have breakfast they wait patiently out on the front lawn for the jolly visitor to arrive. We rush around getting dressed shortly after I arrive, then we head out the front door to take up our places. The kids sit by the tree on the front lawn so they can get a clear view of the street, and be alerted to the visitors arrival long before he reaches our front door...
and I sit on the rocker on the front porch keeping a close eye on the action. What is the big event you ask?
The arrival of the recycling truck. The kids stand as close as they dare to the noisy truck, and watch the visitor go through his paces. On this day the nice man let each kid through a tin into the bin...
and then he helped JJ carry the blue box up the house, while Smudge managed her box all by herself. The kids were thrilled that they got such special attention, and I think the garbage man got a kick out of it too.
After the tuck left, the kids went across the street and carried the neighbour's blue box up to their house for them.
These two sure make me smile. Hope they bring a smile to your day too.


Bernie said...

Cuppa they always bring a smile to my face, I think you have enough material to write a story book on these two, any child would love it
.....:-) Hugs

Mary said...

What good citizens they are!

I love that the recycling truck brings them such great happiness. It's also nice to see that the driver played along.


Cuppa said...

Bernie - Glad they bring smiles your way too. Right now the blog is a unique type of "ebook" for Grandmama, but hopefully it will be a much loved memory book for the kids when they get older.

Mary - small town life is great in so many ways. The recycling man is the kid's friend and welcomed visitor each week, and he is very kind to them.
He was very surprised when they gave him a box of chocolates for Christmas last year. I wonder if that was the only gift he got from his "customers".

Lorna said...

sorry to have missed you the last couple of days. I was either PFLAGing or reading, and it just seemed like the right balance