Friday, August 19, 2011

Let's go to the park

OK, let's get ready and go. First of all we have to -

Pack a bag with - juice, snacks, water, diapers, wash cloths, sunscreen, bug spray, and camera.
Lather on sunscreen and bug spray
Make sure Smudge goes potty and JJ has a fresh diaper
Find wagons, bikes, helmets, sun hats and myriad other things for the trip...and... we are ready to set off. (Actually, I'm ready for a nap by this time) I start off pulling the wagon with JJ and all our gear in it...
but Buppa soon takes over.
Smudge and I lag behind and I help her keep her balance and get on and off the sidewalk as needed.

We arrive at the park and JJ heads right for the big slide. He zooms down without any hesitation...
and is soon up to his elbows in sand.
Smudge takes a little more time to contemplate her decent on the big slide...
but soon is zooming down the slide too, and climbing up the monkey bars without any fear.
I think she is wondering why Amma looks so worried.
"I won't fall Amma. Relax!"

She didn't, but neither did I!

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Bernie said...

I quite enjoyed my time at the park with you cuppa, the kids seem to be having a great time. With all the work to get things ready - enjoy it as it still is easier than snow suits etc. Have a great weekend.....:-)Hugs