Wednesday, January 26, 2011

You just never know...

Mommy wasn't feeling well last week and took a couple of sick-days off work. When JJ went down for his nap on those days, we brought Smudge over to our house to play so Mommy could have some rest time.

We brought the Castle and the Sesame Street House up from the basement for Smudge to play with, but as you can see in the pic below, they sit untouched in the background. What was her favorite toy on this day? The candle from the centrepiece on the coffee table. She sat right on the table and gently took the candle out of the glass holder, held it in her lap and chattered away about this and that, then put the candle back in.
She then went over to the tea-cart and got another candle, came back to the coffee table and moved the inner candles back and forth between the two holders all the while chattering, chattering, chattering.
I don't know exactly what she was doing, but she seemed to be having a grand old time. You just never know where her imagination is going to take her on any given day, but she sure keeps me entertained and makes me smile when she takes me along for the ride.


Jinksy said...

Guess she was following an inner light?!

Cuppa said...

Jinksy - Ahh, that must be it.