Monday, January 24, 2011


It has been very cold and wintry in our area for the past few days, but people and dogs continue to brave the cold winter winds to go for a walk. As AC and I walked smartly along the street the other day, I took a second look as this lady walked towards us. What kind of a purse was she carrying? On a closer look we saw this...She had a little pooch in her pouch! We stopped to say hello to dog and owner, and I asked if I could take a picture. Both were happy to oblige.

Now that's a smart way for a little guy to go for a winter walk when it's -24 outside. BRRRRRRR! He was snug and warm though and looked ever so cute.


Lorna said...

Even though I showed him the very useful photo, Dave refuses to consider an XL pouch.

Jinksy said...

What a way to go for a walk! :)

Cuppa said...

Lorna - I think it would be a BIG seller in Ottawa these days. I can just picture your little head sticking out of the top of the bag tucked under his arm.
Go for it Dave!

Jinksy - Cute huh?