Monday, January 17, 2011

Winter Walk

It snowed all day Saturday so AC and I stayed in for most of the day, but just before dinner we ventured out for a short walk in spite of the weather. Skies were grey, roads slippery, and the winds brisk but it was a nice walk in spite of Old Man Winter's best attempts to keep us indoors.

Sunday dawned sunny and cold and absolutely beautiful. We bundled up, grabbed our cameras and ventured out into the brilliant winter day. The north wind was bitter and went right through us as we walked along the streets leading up to the park, but once we got there and into the shelter of the trees, we were almost toasty! Almost! Why don't you grab your coat, pull on your mittens and join us for the walk.

After a ten minute hike through the sub-division we left the road, and wandered down a narrow path to the water's edge. It is such a fast flowing river, we have open water on it all year long. We stopped to take a few pictures...
...then headed into the woods. The trees were all decked out in their winter finery, and treated us to quite a show.
Pretty huh? Don't know if you can see it in these pics or not, but the light had a pink glow to it and the snow ranged in colour from blue to mauve. It was a beautiful walk. We stopped often to take pictures...and more pictures...
And then took pics of each other...
taking pictures.
There was a great photo-op everywhere we looked.

We eventually left the woods and walked across open fields for a while, but the wind got at us in these open areas...
so we soon headed back into the woods
but not before we greeted this very friendly dog. He was having a blast on his snowy walk.
At the end of our walk, we passed this park at the edge of our sub-division and noticed this lone Canada Goose and three ducks clustering around a small pool of open water. Crazy goose should have flown south long ago. I hope he has some thermal underwear to help him get through these cold, cold nights. Going down to -27 tonight. BRRRRRRRRR

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