Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Just follow me...

Big Sister is into playing games these days, and on this day Little Brother joins in the fun. They leave Sister's room hand in hand and...
...walk to Brother's room. I can hear her saying to him as they enter his room,
"Now you wait here hunny and I'll be back to get you in a little while. Have fun and be good."
She soon goes back for him and they head out to the kitchen where they go for a ride on their helping stools.
Then the helping stools as stacked up and they both perch on top.
Big Sister counts to three and they are both supposed to jump off. Sister takes a flying leap...
...but Brother takes his time. It's a big jump for him.
They repeat this little game over and over and over again, and I run for my camera. You gotta love their imagination.

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