Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Happy New Year All!

January 2011 is here, and Christmas 2010 is history. Zoom, zoom, zoom...and it's history. How does that happen?
This is what January should look like in our neck of the woods, but sadly all our snow is gone and we have nothing but brown grass and mud where the beautiful snow was just two week ago.
Yes, these pictures were taken at the park just before Christmas and now the snow's all gone. I don't know about you, but I much prefer the snow! Hopefully we'll get more later this week.

I know AC has posted lots of pictures of our Christmas celebrations so I won't post many here now that I am about to get back into gear for the new year. If I find a few new ones hiding here and there I'll give them a whirl, but I think most of them AC has already sent your way.

After the crunch of work to get ready for Christmas, I have been lazing and lollygagging big time on this the relaxin' side of the holiday. I have been reading, reading, reading, and then...after getting up to make a pot of tea, I have been tending to a bit more reading. Pure joy!

When my eyes were too bleary to read, I took time out for a few learning sessions on my new laptop to find my way around new programs and ways of doing things, then it was back to reading. The babysitting gig starts again early Tuesday morning, so there will be no reading into the wee small hours of the night, or leisurely mornings curled up with a good book this week. Sigh! The kids will keep me busier than busy each day, and any left over energy and time will be spent putting Christmas decorations to bed and getting the house back to normal. So, it's onward and forward into 2011. I wonder what this new year will bring my way? I'd better charge the camera batteries and get ready for all the photo ops about to come my way.

Speaking of photos, here are a couple for 2010 that you might not have seen. Enjoy!

Smudge was here for a sleepover before Christmas and she gave Buppa a few tips on what hat to wear.
Both kids were always happy to help Buppa review the pictures he just took.
And of course pose for one or two.


Lorna said...

I know what you mean about the lack of snow. It feels weird for me to say it, but I'd like a good snowfall.

Bernie said...

Gosh Cuppa snow is to the west and east of you.....it will be there soon.
So glad you enjoyed your holiday and hope today was a good one with the kids......:-) Hugs

Cuppa said...

Lorna - Me too. I am ready for it in January and February. I want it now NOT in April!

Bernie - please send some our way.

We did have a good holiday. Hope you did too. Today was a crazy one with the kids, but AC and I made it through to face another one.