Tuesday, October 26, 2010

October Picnic

Wet snow showers were called for on Saturday, but the day dawned sunny instead of wet and snowy. Oh joy, maybe we could squeeze in one last picnic in the park. I packed up a lunch, stopped at Tim's for coffee and we were all set. The car was toasty and warm on the drive there, so we assumed it would be warm enough to sit at a picnic table and munch our lunch. Wrong! As soon as we got the feast set out on the table the sun darted behind the clouds and the wind picked up. BRRRRRRR! We soon hightailed it back to the car and ate our lunch indoors even though we were out at the park. After lunch the sun made another appearance so we took our coffee and sauntered along the paths.
Most of the trees had lost their coats of many colours, but a few held onto their garments, and put on a show for us..

We sure enjoyed the last hurrah of autumn.

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Bernie said...

Great photos, it seems you and AC mixed up your post today or perhaps you wanted a bit of a change. Either way I always enjoy both of your postings....:-) Hugs