Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloweens past

This year I thought it would be fun to find some pics of D1 and D2 from Halloweens past. Seeing as most of our pics from this time frame are on slides, AC could only lay his hands on a few of the many, but I am sure the girls will get a kick out of seeing them. Join me for the walk down memory lane if you like.

In the pic below we see D1 in a Little Bo-Peep costume that my mom made for me! Yes, me! I found the dress in a dusty old box and did the best I could to clean it up and fluff it out for D1. Still looks a bit droopy though doesn't it? I had to make a new staff, but the rest of the costume was intact. I couldn't believe the detail that my mom had sewn into a costume. She used yards and yards of material, did intricate stitch work on the collar and trimmed it all with lace and bows.
I followed in mom's footsteps and made most of our kid's costumes, but I resorted to paper, glue, old pillow cases, old curtains and whatever trim I could find in the craft drawer.

In the pic below we see D1 in a clown costume thrown together with scraps of this and that. Topped off with a paper cone hat trimmed with old curtain fringe.
Although the costumes below might not be PC today, D1 and D2 looked cute in them many years ago. I made them out of an old sheet, curtain fringe and coloured trim. I even made moccasins out of cloth to wear over their shoes. Where did I find the time?
We did have to buy the hat and gun in the pic below, but the rest of the outfit was made from a scrap of material left over from a dress, and some fringe from the craft box my mom had.
Ah, one of my favorite costumes worn by D1 in the pic below. Wonder Woman! I know I have a picture of D1 showing off the whole outfit including the boots - all made out of paper and bits of material, but this is the only one we could lay our hands on right now.
Last pic today is of D1 in high school, once again wearing a home made costume. The ears are old shoulder pads sewn onto a hair band, the rest of the costume consisted of a black leotard, a bit of red ribbon and some face make-up. Didn't cost anything but time and imagination.
I don't know where all the pics of D2 are, but I guess they are at the bottom of the box of slides and haven't been scanned in yet. Slides were the way to go years ago, but a pain to get at now.


Bernie said...

Lovely cuppa, I know what you mean about slides, I had all mine put on a disc and they are great.
......:-) Hugs

Lorna said...

You definitely have a way with the trimmings. My mom used to make us all cowboy outfits for Calgary Stampede and then our costumes for Halloween. One of my sisters had a Bo-Peep costume that looked like yours; maybe there was a pattern out that year.

Jinksy said...

The shoulder pad ears were a brilliant adaptation!
There were few chances for my kids to wear proper fancy dress when they were little, except one or two school related functions, but they certainly loved playing dressing up with anything they could find, when the mood took them. Halloween was never a big deal, but Bonfire Night was a different matter.